Reward "Responsible and dedicated Ecoba employees"

Internal news


"Responsible and dedicated Ecoba employees" is one of the reward categories for Ecoba employees who always try and make efforts at work and show professionalism and responsibility. With the desire to build a productive and disciplined workforce, Ecoba always upholds practical actions and values ​​towards a high sense of responsibility, sense of discipline, pioneering spirit, …



Last June, Ecoba Vietnam was honored to award the "Responsible and dedicated Ecoba employees" award to Mr. Le Khac Trung - Team Leader of Project Supervision of Hoang Huy Grand Tower and Mr. Le Van Thang - Leader of Logistics team - Hoang Huy Grand Tower project. With a high sense of responsibility, in the process of working, both personnel detected and promptly reported property theft at the construction site. This action has contributed to ensuring the security and safety of construction materials and assets. And also, it is also an example for all employees to follow.



Not only for their intellectual dedication, but also by honesty and responsibility, both employees deservedly received rewards from the company. The power of Responsibility for work makes each person live and work more prestigious, improve themselves, especially promote the advantages of each person. Wish you both will always be enthusiastic about your job and succeed!