Capacity of competitiveness

During many years of operation, Ecoba Vietnam has always pursued a centralized management model, with investment over the organization and people to respond flexibly and promptly according to the customers’ requirements. With the spirit of learning to innovate constantly, the company has a strong R&D investment to accumulate and set up an advanced conventional system with high adaptability and international integration. Ecoba's employees always have strong responsibilities, bravery and will to optimize personal and working goals.

  • Financial capacity

    Financial capacity

    A stable and efficient financial system helps provide the optimal resources in the operation of the project.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    The personnel is experienced with construction experience of high quality and large scale works, outstanding customers in their brands.

  • Governance capacity

    Governance capacity

    The governance system consists of 3 professionalclasses with applicable standards such as PMI, PMP, COSO, APICs, ...