Ecoba Vietnam organizes periodical health check for employees

Internal news


Recently, Ecoba Vietnam has organized a periodical health check for the company's employees. This is one of the annual activities showing the concern of the leadership, the company's trade union to the lives and health of employees.

Understanding the importance of periodic health checks in the care and protection of employees' health, Ecoba ENT cooperated with the medical team of Hong Ngoc – Phuc Truong Minh International General Hospital to build a reasonable and complete periodic examination package with examination lists for the company's employees.




The organization of periodic health checks, ensuring the benefits of employees is a practical action, bringing "combined benefits" to both the company and the employees. The health check helps employees know their health status, detect diseases and occupational diseases early, bring effective treatment and improve quality of life. And also, the company will grasp the health status of employees, improve work efficiency and contribute to the sustainable development of the enterprise.