Ecoba Vietnam launches action month on Occupational Safety and Hygiene in 2022

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Occupational safety and hygiene is always an essential and important issue, especially for construction enterprises like Ecoba Vietnam. The Company's leaders always promote safety topics and programs, so every year, Ecoba organizes many specialized topics to raise awareness and promote propaganda on occupational safety. With determination to control occupational accidents and diseases; Protecting human resources is the most valuable asset of each enterprise and each country, aiming for a safe, high-productivity production that fulfills social responsibilities well, Ecoba Vietnam responded to the Launching Ceremony of Action Month on occupational safety and hygiene and Workers’ Month 2022 and implement the program at the project.

Through the program, Ecoba offers a methodical implementation process with the aim of raising awareness and complying with the law on occupational safety and hygiene. And also, propagandize measures to prevent and control harmful hazardous factors in the workplace, create a positive change in awareness and awareness for employers and the guiding documents on the implementation of the regulations on occupational safety and hygiene. With this goal, Ecoba implements the theme "Strengthening measures to control occupational safety and hygiene risks, improving working conditions in the workplace, adapting to safety, flexibility and effective control of the COVID-19 epidemic in the construction of works". The program was developed to both propagate, train and at the same time to evaluate in detail at projects on occupational safety and hygiene.

In order for the program to be highly effective, Ecoba has detailed plans for inspection and training activities at each project: Site Patrol activities, Green Saturday activities, safe activities at the beginning of the hour, Input and thematic safety training for workers, thematic safety training for workers. Activities are held weekly on each project.

Some pictures of actual implementation of the program at projects:





Hopefully, this topic will be a premise for positive changes, improve labor productivity, and contribute to the sustainable development of the country."