Ecoba Vietnam's quality improvement roadmap

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Quality is one of the strategies for survival and development, and is also an important basis for promoting the process of integration, economic exchange and expansion of international trade exchanges. Especially for the construction industry, the quality is always a matter of constant consideration and improvement, the existence of sustainable works along with expertise and technology application, which is also what Ecoba has been making efforts for more than 10 years.

Throughout the process of technology-oriented development, in order to pursue the goal of becoming a leading construction and investment group in the region, Ecoba Vietnam has always firmly connected with customers by providing dedicated quality services and professional services, with hundreds of projects that have been put into operation to this day. Along with the quality of projects that are always improved and synchronized according to international standards, Ecoba Vietnam's reputation will be increasingly affirmed and extended in the domestic market and the Asian region.



In May 2020, Ecoba Vietnam officially implemented a strategic cooperation agreement with Haseko Corporation Japan. With more than 60 years of experience in the market with the most stringent construction standards in the world, Haseko has supported Ecoba to strengthen the implementation of the most advanced technologies and solutions for safe, reliable and comfortable construction according to international standards.

In January 2021, Ecoba and Haseko embarked on the process of building a specific set of standards VHPS (Vietnam Version Haseko Performance Standard) built on the basis of combining Vietnamese Construction Standards with international standards such as JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials), BS (British Standard) selectively, fully ensuring the requirements of domestic and foreign Employers country.

In April 2021, the Quality Improvement Committee was officially born with the participation of Ecoba engineers and experienced experts from Haseko Corporation. The Committee's objectives include: Improving quality control methods; Improving the quality of materials to match the project operating model; Integrating the stages from bidding, project implementation to project closing and handing over the warranty.


Since then, the Haseko and Ecoba team have carried out hundreds of testing sessions, researching materials to build a set of VHPS standards, comprehensively evaluating domestic and foreign materials in terms of features, quality and price. Thanks to these tests, Ecoba and Haseko will have a basis to propose the optimal solution for customers with the most reasonable cost.