Ecoba improves efficiency with internal software

Company news


Ecoba Vietnam is currently one of the few enterprises in Vietnam with a rapid digitalization speed. The company has self-developed software that is optimized according to the characteristics of the organization and equipped with an ERP system for business administration. Especially, it brought about obvious effects during the epidemic in recent years.

SAP - ERP is an enterprise management system operating on the S/4 HANA platform to help collect, store, manage and analyze data throughout the business process chain. SAP - ERP at Ecoba Vietnam includes core modules: Human Resource Management (HCM), Financial Management (FICO), Project Management (PS), Purchasing Management (MM) and Sales Management (SD). The SAP S/4 HANA implementation project was officially started by Ecoba in November 2019 with strategic partner Deloitte Consulting Vietnam Co., Ltd. After nearly one year of implementation, the SAP S/4 HANA system has helped Ecoba effectively cut operating costs by 10% through the following activities: Managing all data on project budgets and costs over time real; Close the monthly accounting period quickly, reducing from 30 days to 7 days; 10% reduction in direct project management costs.



EMIS is a satellite software system self-developed by Ecoba to support the operation of the ERP system. EMIS includes the following functions: Project management, online approval, online bidding, smart reporting. Thanks to this system, Ecoba easily synchronizes operating data, helping the monitoring and decision-making process be faster and more timely. Along with that, in 2021, the Office 365 system will be deployed synchronously across all of Ecoba Vietnam's office systems and construction sites, helping to improve the security of enterprise data; Connect information conveniently and smoothly.

"With a centralized and constantly updated data system, the employees can access it anywhere and at any time. Ecoba's departments work together more efficiently and quickly. We save time for the our customers 3 to 5 times longer time for customers than before.The workload in the enterprises of the same size as Ecoba needs 700 employees to deploy, we only need 150 people. This data allows us to propose the most optimal solutions in terms of time and cost for customers." - Mr. Nguyen Hai Quan - Head of Development & Infrastructure Department shared

Ecoba determines that the digital transformation process will take place according to an appropriate route. In which, increasing benefits for the customers is the highest goal and human resources will be the decisive factor for success when applying new technologies. In 2020 and 2021, overcoming the long distances, Ecoba Vietnam is still determined to achieve the goal of successful ERP implementation throughout the company by creative forms, flexibly applying technology solutions. Professional training sessions take place online. The SAP S/4 HANA user manual is quickly completed and updated on the internal website. The process of interaction and mutual support between departments is urgent and exciting.



Facing the rapid changes of the times and increasing competition in the market, Ecoba believes in the sustainable value of an intelligent management system operated by a team of the employees who arer constantly innovating, creative and not afraid of challenges.