Hoang Huy Commerce closes the tunnel cover on progress

Project news


On April 9, 2022, Hoang Huy Commerce project took place the tunnel closing ceremony at Kenh Duong, Le Chan, Hai Phong organized by Ecoba Vietnam Joint Stock Company and the Employer, Hoang Huy Financial Group.



Hoang Huy Commerce is considered as one of the most high-end segment products, in the city center of red phoenix flower with many unique design features that not many projects can have. The project is a complex of shopping center and high-class apartments, with 5 35-storey buildings adjacent to 2 sides of Vo Nguyen Giap and Thien Loi streets, Hai Phong city. With an L-shaped land fund embracing the Hoang Huy Mall project inside, Hoang Huy Commerce is divided into 02 areas HH1 and HH2. In which, HH1 is located close to Vo Nguyen Giap street including 03 towers, HH2 has 2 towers facing Thien Loi street. Hoang Huy Commerce is the perfect combination between high-class residential space and commercial facilities - services. Inheriting the advantage of two modern urban roads combined with a continuous internal traffic network, the Employer offers a solution to organize space, architecture and landscape extremely skillfully, ensuring convenient traffic, vivid views, "green" space brings the comfort.



According to the progress of the project, after completing the closing of the tunnel cover, it is expected that by May 2022, 2 floors of the podium will be completed. The opening ceremony of the tunnel of Hoang Huy Commerce project is a remarkable event, a testament to the commitments on progress with the Employer. The ceremony was fully attended by representatives of the Employer, partners, suppliers, subcontractors and supervising consultants. With extensive experience in high-rise building construction - design, Ecoba Vietnam will ensure safety, quality and outstanding construction progress for the project.