Ecoba Vietnam's digitalization roadmap

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Digital transformation is no longer an option, but an inevitable development direction of the economy in general and of enterprises in particular. On the other hand, the wave of technology has brought new breakthroughs. Seizing the opportunities and challenges of digitization, many enterprises have sought the answer "How to successfully digitize?" - this is the question of many enterprises in general and with construction enterprises like Ecoba Vietnam in particular. The Vietnamese construction market has reached a value of 57.52 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to reach 94.93 billion USD by 2026 with a growth rate of more than 8% per year. With the rapid development of the industry and especially, under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the digitization journey in the construction sector has become more and more powerful and is the "key" for the enterprises to overcome challenges.

"Enterprise digital transformation is a long journey, requiring modern technology elements and adaptability of the entire team. At the present time, we prioritize the improvement of corporate governance system to optimize all resources, in order to improve competitiveness in the 4.0 technology era" - Mr. Vo Tien Dat - General Director of Ecoba Vietnam shared.

Not out of that trend, Ecoba Vietnam has focused on promoting the IT model to synchronize in the Control, Organization and Administration stages, in order to build a solid foundation for the enterprise. Since its inception, the goal of the Board of Directors is to become the leading digital transformation company in the construction industry. Pioneering in applying new technology solutions and applying international standards in management helps Ecoba build a reputation for construction capacity, ensure project progress and best service quality. When the Covid-19 epidemic reached its peak, Ecoba Vietnam employees worked remotely online, and at first there were many difficulties and made employees feel overwhelmed by remote obstacles. Until the application of information technology to administration and operation, we have noticed marked improvements in work efficiency with a fast and professional remote working system, reducing human errors, significantly reduce costs, while increasing efficiency and labor productivity.



Ecoba Vietnam's digitalization roadmap starts with data transformation and information technology application into the management chain; step by step standardize processes, helping the enterprises operate efficiently and professionally. After the implementation process from October 2015 to now, Ecoba's management system has gradually improved, reaching level 4 on the maturity scale according to the PMP professional project management standards of the United States Institute of Project Management. Then, in October 2016, Ecoba deployed SAP ECC6 with FICO, HCM, PS, MM, and SD modules. In September 2019, the SAP S/4 HANA system was upgraded. In June 2021, an internal EMIS system connecting the common system was developed. In November 2021, Office 365 sync was deployed.

Ecoba is currently one of few construction enterprises in Vietnam with a rapid digitalization deployment speed. The company has self-developed construction software that is optimized according to the characteristics of the organization and successfully equipped with an ERP system for business administration. With the success in the application of internal software and enterprise ERP implementation, it will be a solid premise to be ready for the increasingly rapid digitalization journey in the future.