The K7 Star Lake project received the award "Best logistics project"

Project news


The best aspect is one of the factors that are highly appreciated at Ecoba Vietnam, so every month, Ecoba has close evaluations according to detailed standards, in order to improve the quality of image as well as safety at the project.

The best standard is aimed at the best standards for each Ecoba project such as: Organizing and maintaining a good TMB (Logistic plan) helps the project to easily deploy and shorten the time in organizing construction, improving product quality at the project, receiving the recognition and appreciation of customers, creating a neat, tidy and safe working environment for everyone, helping to promote the professional image of the company to its customers and partners.

In the 2021 year-end party, to recognize the project's efforts, Ecoba was honored to be awarded the "Best Logistics Project" award for the K7 Star Lake project, with 3 evaluation periods with the highest average score, always maintaining good brand image, overall construction site and product quality. To get such results, Ecoba has come up with a detailed checklist of the assessment to ensure the most urgent and accurate. This is a recognition of the efforts of the K7 Star Lake project team in a process.




"It is also thanks to the best standards that the whole project always maintains a beautiful and safe image, and each employee at the project also creates good habits in the process of working. The project achieving such results will be a better motivation for everyone to strive more" - Mr. Tran Anh Tuan - QC Team Leader of K7 Star Lake project shared.



That achievement has shown the responsibility of the whole project in the work. Hopefully, the project will continue to promote to bring more achievements in the future, and together we will move towards the final milestone and satisfy all requirements of the Employer's Safety - Quality - Progress!