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To cope with and overcome the "Covid storm", Ecoba has actively upgraded and applied information technology to all business management, organization and operation activities.


Positive transformation during Covid-19

Covid-19 is considered a hundred-year "kick" of digital transformation. In many enterprises, the application of information technology by enterprises has made remarkable strides, especially for those with dynamic thinking.


Construction enterprises' activities are greatly affected by the 4th wave of Covid-19

As one of the leading enterprises in the field of construction, Ecoba also does not miss the golden opportunity for digital transformation. Focusing on promoting the IT model for synchronization in Control - Organization - Administration is one of the activities that this enterprise focuses on at this time in order to build a solid foundation, ready for breakthroughs in the next time.


“With the scale of the enterprise and the huge volume of employees and data like Ecoba, ensuring stable, safe, and secure data and information between the entire system of the enterprise is not interrupted by the epidemic is the top task of the enterprise.” - Mr. Nguyen Hai Quan, Manager of Ecoba Systems Department, commented on the importance of applying information technology to building a corporate governance system.


Synchronize the corporate administration system with the IT model

According to the representative of Ecoba, the remaining limitation of many construction enterprises in management is the discrete reporting between stages, the data lacks logic due to not being centrally managed, etc. To avoid falling into such situation, Ecoba has made early preparations for the development and upgrading of the corporate governance system.


Ecoba Vietnam has pursued a centralized management model since its inception and has invested ahead in terms of organizational size and people to respond flexibly and promptly to customer requirements. With the spirit of learning to innovate continuously, the company invests heavily in R&D to accumulate and build a system according to advanced practices with high adaptability and international integration.


A large and dynamic enterprise like Ecoba has prepared early for the upgrade of its corporate governance system


In addition, Ecoba is equipped with a centralized data management ERP system and self-developed IT software related to the construction segment, closely linked to the process and organizational structure. With the ERP system, all operational data will be put into the common system so that the leadership can understand the progress of the work, or directly coordinate the project and assign it to personnel. Data between successive stages is inherited, saving time 3 -5 times. Moreover, the successful application of the SAP ERP enterprise resource management solution helps Ecoba have a strict management and control system for all production and business activities, helping ensure the accuracy of time and budget, quality assurance.


According to Ecoba's representative, the application of information technology to build an advanced management system is a strategy, creating a competitive advantage and is the direction of business operations. The time of the epidemic is a good opportunity to evaluate the completeness of the IT model in the corporate governance system.


During the lockdown, despite having to work remotely, all employees can work on the same data and information consistency platform. As a result, the system always ensures two-way information flow from business leaders to departments, projects and vice versa in an accurate and timely manner. Besides, Ecoba's leaders can make administrative decisions without interruption. This is a positive result of the enterprise after a persistent journey of pursuing the application of information technology in the management chain. Careful early preparation has helped Ecoba not be dependent on the traditional way of working.


Not only creating values ​​for internal enterprise, the corporate governance system with an IT model will also help Employers and subcontractors to monitor the quality and progress of projects on the system, operations are controlled transparently, shortening the time of acceptance and payment problems.


The IT model helps control quality, project progress, optimize costs, and add values ​​to partners and customers.


With the same level of revenue, Ecoba only needs one third of the staff for operations compared to other enterprises. Therefore, Ecoba has the basis to create optimal costs, bringing better value to customers and partners "- a representative of Ecoba shared.


According to Ecoba, consistent with the simple orientation, shortening the stages, the management system is set up and upgraded to best suit users from project management, training and reporting. Business processes from strategic steps to each project are operated smoothly and efficiently on a system with smart tools and solutions, suitable to the business situation and context of the economy. That has paved the way for Ecoba to gain momentum for long strides after the pandemic.