Ecoba and Haseko cooperated to implement the Quality Improvement Committee - bringing 5-star Quality to the project

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Recently, Ecoba and Haseko cooperated to launch the Quality Improvement Committee. This is one of the strategic activities to orient and improve the quality of Ecoba’s projects in the period of 2021-2023.


Construction enterprises invest in quality

The construction industry in Vietnam is one of the most favorable and vibrant markets in Southeast Asia. In this field, public, private and foreign investment resources tend to increase, creating opportunities for many businesses. In the context of the economy strongly affected by the Covid epidemic, the construction industry has maintained a continuous growth rate since the first quarter and contributed to the country's GDP in 2020 at the highest level of 6.19% of GDP.


In addition to the growth in quantity, recently, some market-leading enterprises have oriented to focus more on investment in quality development. Based on the need for technical cooperation as well as solving the inadequacies and improving the construction quality in Vietnam, recently, Ecoba and Haseko have launched the Product Quality Improvement Committee - independent operation with projects. “The Committee was established to improve the quality of Ecoba’s construction projects. Haseko and Ecoba will choose the specific content of discussion and improvement in each stage in a very detailed way"- Mr. Masakatsu Taguchi, representative of Haseko expressed his seriousness in cooperation with Ecoba in the future. 


The Quality Improvement Department was established to restore balance to the construction market


The overall goal of Ecoba and Haseko in establishing the Quality Improvement Committee is to increase and create the same quality for all future projects. In addition, the two sides agreed on the Committee's operating regulations, organizational structure, and conducted discussions and exchanges on how to operate effectively. Mr. Mai Van Do, Ecoba's representative, expected: "In the future, we are ready to bring to the market projects with 5-star quality, reaching the highest standards in construction".


As a leading construction and real estate development group in Japan, Haseko accounts for 10% of the apartment market share in Japan and 31% of the apartment market share in two major cities, Osaka and Tokyo.


As a leading condominium contractors and real estate development corporations in Japan, Haseko accounts for 10% of the apartment market share in Japan in total and 31% of the apartment market share in two major cities, Osaka metropolitan area and Tokyo metropolitan area in 2020


This is an advantage that helps businesses have accumulated many years of experience in the field of construction and helping Ecoba in the process of implementing, managing quality control, reviewing quality improvement.


5-star quality standard with 5H criteria

With the philosophy of providing customers with 5-star standard products, Ecoba and Haseko will focus on 5H criteria: High Safety, High Durability, High Comfort, High Quality and Healthful. Mr. Masakatsu Taguchi, representative of Haseko shared: “When coordinating with Ecoba, Haseko believes that we will bring the above philosophy into our products in Vietnam and buildings built by Ecoba Vietnam".


Haseko trains personnel and supervises construction sites


Improving the capacity of construction organization and ensuring project progress is one of the important factors for Ecoba to develop sustainably, providing customers with sustainable, safe and convenient projects. Under the coordination of the Quality Improvement Committee, professional meetings between Haseko and Ecoba will be held periodically weekly / monthly / quarterly. Not only sharing experience and training, Haseko engineers also directly supervise, evaluate, periodically check the quality of the project and give appropriate analysis and improvement measures.


From practical activities, Ecoba's staff will strengthen their skills, knowledge and experience in strictly controlling key tasks, selecting suitable materials to minimize quality risks according to international standards. Before the launch of the Committee, Haseko and Ecoba have been together to upgrade the quality of design, construction and project management in a number of ongoing projects, typically The Terra An Hung project. After a period of implementation, the cooperation brought initial positive results and was highly appreciated by the investor.


The launch of the Quality Improvement Committee is one of the steps to demonstrate Ecoba's commitment and efforts in improving the quality of construction work and raising standards of construction in Vietnam.