The enterprise should not invest in solar power system on its own - explained from EGE's experts

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The rooftop solar power is a trend of sustainable energy development, bringing many great economic benefits to plants and workshops. However, how to invest in solar power is a problem that requires careful calculation of enterprises’ owners.


Solar rooftop has received a strong response from the enterprises


In the first half of 2020, the economic changes caused by the Covid-19 epidemic caused a great impact on the production and business situation of many enterprises. Non-essential costs and investments have been cut to help the enterprises survive the epidemic, but contrary to the difficult situation, the number of enterprises investing in rooftop solar power is still growing rapidly. compared to 2019.


EGE điện mặt trời nhà máy

Rooftop solar power has received a strong response from enterprises


Rooftop solar power of the plant helps enterprises increase income, save electricity costs, fast construction process, make use of existing roofs. In particular, investment in rooftop solar power increases the brand's competitiveness by meeting "green" standards in the production process.


However, like other investment activities, the difficulties when enterprises invest in rooftop solar power are not only technological issues but also large sources of capital, requiring careful consideration before make decision.


Entanglement of enterprises when investing in rooftop solar power


In fact, we have found that the enterprises have many problems with rooftop solar power investment solutions.


First of all, the majority of suppliers on the market today can provide equipment to install a rooftop solar power system that fits the budget of the enterprise. However, not every supplier has the technological capacity to advise an optimal technical solution or accompany the enterprise on the O&M (O&M) process that will affect performance of solar energy conversion and annual loss rate after 25 - 30 years.


The second thing in terms of finance, for many large enterprises, it is not a problem to arrange a sufficient amount of capital to invest in the rooftop solar power system. But when the enterprise invests in solar power system on its own outside the traditional core business, it is very difficult for the enterprise to immediately evaluate the operating efficiency of the system.


Solving difficulties for the enterprise from EGE's flexible investment solutions


Ecoba Renewable Energy Solution Joint Stock Company (EGE Solar) said: “If the enterprise wants to make the most of its roof area and benefit from the current policies of the State's incentives, the rooftop solar power system with a capacity of about 1MWp is reasonable”. These are large scale systems, so the long term technical & operational factors will be completely different from installation on roofs of small households (3 - 5 kWp)). On the other hand, the investment cost of a roof-top solar power project with a scale of ≥ 1MWp is worth up to tens of billions VND, the enterprise need to balance carefully to make the right investment decision and exploit effectively in long term.


Also according to EGE Solar, the enterprise also need to consider when choosing contractors who only have the capacity to construct and install equipment or the units that provide financial solutions. An investment partner who can play both of the above roles well as well as a long-term companion of 15 - 20 years with the project exploitation process will help the enterprises’ owners feel secure and make quick decisions.


From the above judgment, EGE Solar proposes the optimal form of solar rooftop investment for the enterprise when combining two flexible investment models with economic - technical solutions and professional O&M processes.


EGE Mô hình hợp tác điện mặt trời nhà máyEGE's model of investment in rooftop solar power will solve difficulties for the enterprise


The flexible investment model allows the enterprise to choose between investing and exploiting the system with EGE Solar for 20 years or EGE Solar to invest 100% in the system and share the benefits in the form of roof rental, sharing revenues, selling electricity to partners at preferential prices ... Both of these methods help the enterprise to significantly reduce the financial pressure when starting the project.


The enterprises often consider the factor of high or low cost to choose the investment form. However, with rooftop solar power, the investment efficiency depends greatly on the efficiency, stability of the system and the annual rate of loss of the panels. “Enterprises should choose to cooperate with reputable partners and have strong financial capacity to be confident with higher initial investment costs, to compensate with the increased output by not encountering incidents, failures during operation will bring much higher financial efficiency ”.


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