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Evaluating the investment model of rooftop solar power of the plant is an important stage for the enterprise to consider before making a decision to install and operate the project. Does your enterprise know how to evaluate the specific advantages and disadvantages of investment models?


The following article will help the enterprise learn more about the two most popular rooftop solar power investment models today


Current situation of the enterprise when evaluating and choosing investment solutions for roof-top solar power


The roof of the plant can not degrade, requiring billions of VND in maintenance costs for 25 to 30 years.  When investing in rooftop solar power, the enterprise actively creates clean energy sources, reducing dependence on EVN in the context of increasing electricity prices. And also, the solar panel system works to insulate, cool the environment inside the workshop and help minimize the damage on the roof due to rain, sun and natural disasters.


Currently, most enterprises are aware of the practical economic efficiency of rooftop solar power plants. However, choosing a suitable investment form is still a big challenge.


EGE lựa chọn hình thức đầu tư điện mặt trời

Choosing a form of solar power investment is a challenge for many enterprises


For enterprises with abundant financial resources, the main considerations are technical issues: choosing which equipment has good performance and durability, and whether the supplier has construction, installation, maintenance services reputable or not ... Based on the analysis of input parameters in technology, capital, operating costs, from which the enterprise can calculate its financial efficiency, business performance of solar power systems in the medium and long term. The option that brings high efficiency and less risk will be selected.


For medium-sized enterprises or more, besides the technical issue, it is also the story of where the investment capital comes from, the impact of the project on the financial situation ... Due to the absence of a team of technical and financial experts, it is difficult for the enterprises to obtain necessary and accurate information to objectively evaluate the system's effectiveness in the long term. That makes it difficult to control the quality and risk after the system is in operation.


Four indicators of enterprises to be evaluated upon investment in rooftop solar power.


EGE điện mặt trờiFour indicators need to be evaluated when investing in rooftop solar power systems.


Like any other type of investment, investment in rooftop solar power is necessary to calculate the efficiency and benefits for the enterprise in the long term. The calculation and analysis are based on databases related to investment parameters, specifications, business parameters and financial performance.


For investment parameters: Which resources will the enterprise mobilize investment capital from? What is the loan and bank interest rate? What is the loan terms and cash flow? ... Besides, it is necessary to choose the appropriate equipment and technical solutions to ensure the system works efficiently, with less damage, and reduce investment costs in long term.


For technical parameters: The enterprise need to pay attention to how much electricity is generated (monthly, annually, throughout the life of the project); factors affecting electricity output (conversion efficiency of panels and inventors, radiation intensity, dust, ambient temperature, roof direction, roof slope, ...); performance of annual panel loss.


For business parameters: How much is the cost of management, the cost of monitoring, maintenance, maintenance, repair & troubleshooting, the equipment depreciation cost. Enterprises also need to estimate and compare the buying price of electricity from EVN, the selling price of excess electricity to EVN, the annual inflation rate ...


From the above parameters, the enterprise calculates the financial efficiency of the rooftop solar power system based on profitability ratios, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value NPV and payback period.


Advantages from two models of rooftop solar power investment of EGE Solar


Based on the actual needs of rooftop solar power from the enterprises, EGE Solar was established in order to become an investment partner and providing complete energy solutions, not a mere equipment supplier. Accordingly, EGE Solar's technical experts and experienced financial advisors will help the enterprise complete the whole process of surveying and evaluating mentioned above quickly and accurately.


In addition, the outstanding advantage of EGE Solar is to bring the enterprise two options for investment cooperation: EGE Share - Joint investment cooperation or EGE All - Cooperation & Benefit Sharing.

EGE điện mặt trời mái nhà máy mô hình


With the EGE Share model, the enterprise and EGE Solar contribute capital to invest and exploit the system together. EGE is in charge of all stages of design, financial planning, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the system during the 20-30 year project period.


With EGE All model, EGE Solar invested 100% in the system and shared benefits for the enterprise in one of three forms: roof rental payment; Sharing revenues from selling electricity to EVN; Selling electricity to enterprise at preferential prices better than buying prices from EVN.


Both models above have the advantage of helping the enterprise reduce a lot of risks compared to 100% of its own investment in the system. At that time, even though there is no need to invest money, the enterprise still has immediate benefits from taking advantage of the empty roof. After a period of exploiting the system and having additional evaluation data from the reality, the enterprise can consider buying back a part or the whole system, depending on the financial and business situation at that time.


The evaluation of an appropriate rooftop solar power investment model should be based on accurate and reliable information from highly qualified technical and financial experts. To solve this problem, the enterprise should contact EGE Solar for detailed advice:


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