EGE solar power expert explains how the system is managed?

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Rooftop solar power is an effective investment model with stable cash flow, helping businesses take advantage of existing roof infrastructure to increase income.


Join EGE Solar power expert on the plant to find out how the solar power system is monitored and managed?


So when installing the rooftop solar power system, how is the system monitored and managed? To answer this question most accurately, please refer to the article below!


• # 1: Management System:


The management systems must always achieve the goal of controlling and optimizing production costs to achieve business goals. EGE rooftop solar power expert is equipped with advanced and modern tools and software to quickly detect all the errors and faults that lead to the abnormal operation of the solar power system like the remote management and monitoring system, and the actual periodic inspection at the plants of specialized engineers.


Remote monitoring system:


The operation engineers of EGE rooftop solar power experts daily check, compare, analyze and evaluate the performance of the solar power system through data collected through the software and remote monitoring systems include:


• Output generated by the solar power system. Analyze the actual power output generated, compare with the planned output to evaluate the factors affecting the solar power system (weather, system failure, environment, dust, temperature ... )

• Collect and analyze indexes, technical parameters, affecting the power generation efficiency of the main components of the system such as: PV panels, inverter, data collection system.


On-site inspection:


The on-site inspection is carried out by the EGE engineer of the rooftop solar power expert periodically according to the plan and checked when there are technical problems and failures of the solar power system through the daily monitoring.


EGE engineers - rooftop solar power experts perform field inspections with specialized tools in accordance with the process to check and measure specifications, joints, hazards and incidents for each equipment and accessories of the entire system. Observe the impact factors of the environment affecting the system such as dust, temperature, chemicals ... on the power generation efficiency and the durability of the solar power system.


EGE - Solar rooftop expert explains how the system is managed?


          # 2: Management team

EGE's team of engineers and experts on rooftop solar power - requires full expertise, well-trained and experienced in the management and implementation of real projects in charge. EGE engineers and managers, rooftop solar power experts, will carry out the entire design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the solar power system throughout the entire life cycle of the solar power system. The project meets all technical and project efficiency standards.


EGE's project monitoring team of rooftop solar power experts is always careful in each stage, ensuring that the construction unit strictly complies with the installation specifications for operating floors, roof waterproofing, rig construction, install battery, install inverter, wiring, energize and especially ensure the highest safety and aesthetics. And also, the EGE rooftop solar power expert will urge the construction unit to quickly complete the items on schedule, providing peace of mind for the owner of the solar power project.


              # 3: Process management


The management process of EGE rooftop solar power expert is aimed at optimizing business efficiency and limiting risks and damages during implementation. Therefore, EGE's rooftop solar power system management process is always evaluated, updated and completed through each project. The management processes must always be fully followed and closely monitored while implementing the project.


Especially in the process of installing, repairing, and maintaining the system, always complying with the rules and regulations in electrical safety will avoid the potential damages and risks.


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EGE – rooftop solar power expert will always accompany the customer from the beginning to the end of the process


Choosing a solution that is safe, stable and brings optimal business performance is always associated with choosing a partner with full capacity and experience. EGE rooftop solar power expert is always a companion to the business to do that during the implementation of the roof-top solar power project.


Reasons for choosing to invest in rooftop solar power with EGE rooftop solar power expert


Investing in rooftop solar power is a smart investment trend because it can efficiently use the available infrastructure of the enterprise, thereby increasing income and reducing the cost of energy use of the enterprise.


EGE is a rooftop solar power expert with a background in technology and engineering capabilities and a team of managers and engineers with extensive experience for the design, installation and operation of the system studied and launching appropriate, flexible and tailored solutions for many enterprises to choose from with two flexible cooperation models,


Cooperation model:


         • Model 1: Investment cooperation

EGE rooftop solar power experts accompany partners in contributing capital to invest and exploit the system. EGE rooftop solar power expert is responsible for all stages of design, financial plan, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the system during the 20-year project period.


• Model 2: EGE, a rooftop solar power expert, invests in the system 100% and shares benefits with partners in the form of


• Roof rental

• Share of revenue

• Selling electricity to partners at preferential prices


With the two above models, EGE rooftop solar power expert can flexibly transfer part or the whole system to a partner when the system has been operating stably and the efficiency has been fully assessed fully. EGE rooftop solar power expert specializes in providing EPC services with an extensive technical capacity and professional project management system recognized by many countries. When cooperating with us, the customers will enjoy the highest level of policy.


Through the above article has helped you understand clearly how the solar power system is monitored and managed? and the solutions of EGE rooftop solar power expert. If you have any questions related to the solar power system, please contact EGE as a rooftop solar power expert, we will answer with the most heartfelt for customers.


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