Together with EGE solar power experts to find out: Do not invest in solar power if you do not know these things

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Responding to the State's policies to encourage solar power development, the enterprises have been starting to pay attention to rooftop solar power, a new source of energy that benefits both the community and enterprises. Therefore, EGE rooftop power experts will help the enterprises get more useful information about their rooftop solar power system investments.


Obstacles when investing in rooftop solar power systems


In fact, consulting on investment and implementing many projects for partners and customers, EGE, the rooftop solar power experts have gathered some common concerns to serve enterprises interested in this field:


Obstable # 1: Are financial investment efficiency guaranteed?

Solar power installation


With many years of experience in the field of energy, EGE's engineers - rooftop solar power experts have come up with two cooperation models for investment in rooftop solar power:


Model 1: Investment cooperation: EGE accompanies with partners in contributing capital to invest and exploiting the system. EGE – rooftop solar power expert is responsible for all stages of design, financial planning, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the system during the project operation for 20 years.


Model 2: EGE - rooftop solar power expert invests 100% of the system and shares benefits with partners in the following forms:


+ Roof rental

+ Sharing revenue

+ Selling electricity to partners at preferential prices


With the two models above, EGE can transfer a part or whole system to a partner flexibly when the system has been operating stably and the efficiency has been fully assessed.


At EGE – rooftop solar power, we always accompany the enterprise during the process from Investment - Solution Supply - Installation - Operation - Exploitation.


Obstable # 2: How to ensure the stability and safety of the system during 20 years of operation?


The rooftop solar power system is a financial investment model with stable cash flow. But not every solar system produces the expected results, because without the right technology and adequate scenarios for possible risks, the wrong investment can cause a lot of disadvantage on investment efficiency of the project and affecting the available facilities of the plant.


Is the roof solar power punctured? Affect the plant's machinery?


A rooftop solar power system operating for more than 20 years requires equipment, accessories, construction and operation to be calculated, choosing safe and sustainable solutions, minimizing the risk of insecurity and disruption of production and business of the partner and the whole system. EGE with a background of experience in the management and implementation of large-scale energy projects with the expertise of a dedicated team can be ready to handle these issues:


EGE - rooftop solar power expert consults overall economic & technical solutions:


• Equipment selection

• Optimized design of the system

• Optimization of construction methods.


EGE - an experienced solar power plant rooftop expert evaluates the factors affecting the efficiency of the solar power system such as: Radiation intensity, dust, temperature, environment, and other factors. interrupt the system because of external factors, ... to optimize the output of the system


With the parent company foundation, Ecoba has long experience in the construction field, EGE can ensure absolute quality in all stages related to system installation such as:


• Evaluate the quality of the factory roof & factory structure before installation

• Make rooftop occupational safety management

• Be safe when installing electrical equipment, connecting and checking the system

• Always have a hedging scenario leading to the risk of plant shutdown.


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With EGE - Solar rooftop expert learns about notes when investing in rooftop solar power system


The 20-year operation of the system will be closely monitored by EGE's team of experienced experts - rooftop solar power experts through modern and automatic remote monitoring systems help customers immediately have analytical tracking data, evaluate the performance of the operation in real time, quickly troubleshoot.


EGE - rooftop solar power expert commits to always accompany the customer after the project is put into operation, and at the same time commits to warranty for equipment, performance and technical support to be 24 / 24.


EGE - rooftop solar power expert brings an effective rooftop solar investment solution for the enterprise


Coming to EGE, the enterprise will find an optimal investment plan for the rooftop solar power system


• EGE helps the enterprise take advantage of existing roof infrastructure to increase income.

• EGE provides environmentally sustainable energy solutions


For advice on investment solutions for solar power on the roof of a plant, the enterprise need to contact:

Ecoba Renewable Energy Solutions Joint Stock Company (EGE)

Hanoi: 3rd Floor, Udic Complex Hoang Dao Thuy Building, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Binh Duong: R. E09-09, Block B, TDC Plaza Building, Binh Duong Administrative Center, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong


Phone: 024 6668 0258


The above article has helped you understand the concerns of customers when installing the system and the solutions of EGE. If you have any questions related to the solar power system, please contact EGE immediately. We will answer the most wholeheartedly.