Ecoba Vietnam Joint Stock Company is known as a professional contractor in the field of design - construction - finishing and a professional manager in the field of construction


    2018: ECOBA will also strengthen its presence in building construction sector through establishing ECOBA M&E.

    March 2019: Complete installation of SAP – ERP system.

    Experience in the sector with strong customer base, advanced management system and improving market condition provide bright prospects for ECOBA.

    2018 - 2020


    Revenue growth reaches 100%,

    The brand is ranked in the top of the group 2 contractors in the product group of construction and installation of civil works and access to group 1 - leading group.

    2015 - 2017

    ECOBA made initial move to waste water treatment and industrial construction sector. The Company was consistently ranked among top 3 industrial constructors.

    2012: Completed construction of the largest sewage treatment plant in Vietnam

    March 2013: LIDECO 3 JSC changed its name to ECOBA VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY

    April 2013: ECOBA Environmental Technology was established as a member of ECOBA, specializing in waste water treatment

    2011 - 2014


    Inherited history and experience from LIDECO, LIDECO 3 went private with key management personnel.

    February 2010: LIDECO 3 was privatized into LIDECO 3 JOINT STOCK COMPANY (“LIDECO 3 JSC”)