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SBR and ASBR technology

ASBR technology is a continuous cycle sewage treatment technology in which  oxidation of carbon and nitrate, removal of nitrogen and phosphorus by biological method occur at the same time. This process is controlled by measurement of direct oxy absorption which saves energy for system operation and this is American technological model.

1. Description: 

         SBR technology is sequence batching reactor system

         This is American technological model

2. Applications:

          •   Apartment Buildings, Hotels

          •   Factory, Urban area, industrial area

3. Advantages:

          •   Low investment and operation cost

          •   Less land space required for SBR treatment plants

          •   Modular design easy to upgrade capacity

          •   Low noise level thanks to shorter aeration time compared to AAO technology

4. Maintenance

          Easy for operation, maintenance and service thanks to less equipment

5. Treatment capacity

          •   Up to 95% waste

          •   Ability to resist overload better than applied technologies in Vietnam