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Membrane Technology

Membrane technology is a modern aerobic technology which uses membranes with micrometer screen size so that output sewage can be reused for watering the plants and washing…In addition to the easy and simple installation, it is convenient for putting at base floor corners.Unknown Object

       This technology has been developed by Lideco 3 at hotels and commercial centers in Hanoi.


        •   Apartment Buildings, Hotels

        •   Factory, urban area, industrial area


        •   Less land space

        •   Easy fabrication and installation

        •   Able to make use of basement corner space for installation


        •   Low maintenance cost thank to automatic separation system of floating and foam

        •   Low sludge generation and long sludge age

Treatment Capacity

        •   High efficiency up to  98% waste

        •   Waste can be reused to water the plants and wash roads …

        •   Sludge waste is returned to primary tank to decompose so that less sludge is generated