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CN 2000 Technology

SBR: Sequencing Batch Reactor is technology that include three Proccesses in one Tank: Reactor – Air pulling – and Sedimentation. In this technology waste water is treated in two fase, so the quality ifluent is easy to control.  This Technology is use for capacity from low to middle.

 1.   Description:

      SBR technology is sequence batching reactor system

      This is American technological model

2. Applications: 

       •    Apartment Building, Urban area

       •     Household sewage treatment in factories and industrial area

3. Advantages:

       •     Low investment cost

       •     Simple operation

       •     Saving optimal land space required for treatment plant

4. Maintenance

     Less equipment, main treatment equipment is CN 2000 so that operation and maintenance are easy         

5. Treatment Capacity

     Up to 97% waste

     System designed for household sewage, hospital, urban areaUnknown Object