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Green One-UN House in Vietnam (UNDP Office)

The Green One-UN House project will completely transform the existing 6 story building and surrounding complex to become an eco-friendly environment for the UN agencies in Vietnam to international best standards. The renovations and refit have been designed in accordance with the Vietnam Green Buildings Council (VGBC) and will seek to achieve the Gold Lotus standard for green buildings through sensitive reuse of materials and installation of efficient technologies (water & power etc).

The project expects to provide a model building, demonstrating the viability of innovative sustainable buildings in rapidly urbanising in Viet Nam, maximising the transfer of 'green' technology and knowledge to Vietnam, building local capacities whenever possible and setting a benchmark in the region for green office design. After the project is completed, it will provide a better, healthier, safer and more friendly work environment for UN employees.

The building is the first in the world to allow the co-location and functional clustering of UN staff. It is part of the “Delivering as One” initiative, which aims for UN system-wide coherence and greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

Location:                UNDP Building, 304 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi

Investor:                United Nations Development Programme and bilateral donors

Main Contractor: Ecoba Viet Nam

Packages:            All demolition, civil, structural and architectural refurbishment, mechanical and electrical fit out, etc

                        Quality standard: Green Building Standard – Golden Lotus Certificate of VGBC 

Project Status:    Commencement in January 2013. To be completed January 2015.