The construction market has witnessed a spectacular breakthrough of many big brands

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Recently, Vietnam Report has just announced the list of 500 largest private enterprises, in which there is a spectacular breakthrough of many big construction brands.


Construction market prospered, construction enterprises broke out


According to the latest report of the Ministry of Construction, in 2018, the construction industry has continued to achieve good growth with 9.2%, in that context, the construction industry enterprises have also achieved many impressive results on revenues. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the latest announcement of the VNR 500, the ranking of 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam following the model of Fortune 500 - based on independent research and evaluation results according to international standards, recognizes the presence of a series of enterprises in the construction industry.

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It is worth noting that, in addition to the familiar names in the construction industry, this year's rankings include a number of new brands with impressive positions, such as Ecoba Vietnam - Vietnamese contractor specializing in building specialized in 3 main areas: Industrial works; Urban development and environmental solutions. However, for the professionals and employers, the presence of Ecoba in the VNR 500 list is not too surprising, because, over the past few years, this brand has continuously recorded its mark with awarded a series of large projects as well as impressive achievements in construction progress and quality.

Ecoba Vietnam has been successfully implementing more than 50 projects nationwide. The presence in the list of 500 largest private enterprises is not outside the expectation of Ecoba management. For Mr. Vo Tien Dat, the leader of Ecoba, this is the inevitable result of a pre-calculated basic business and investment development roadmap. In a press reply in the middle of last year, Mr. Vo Tien Dat shared: “In 2018, Ecoba expects to achieve VND 5,000 billion in revenues, with this revenue milestone, Ecoba will affirm its capacity as a leading large-scale enterprise in the industry”. And now, when it starts to move to 2019, it is officially in the top 50 enterprises in the construction industry.



In fact, the impressive figures of revenues, profits, customer network, are only the results of the foundation development process of construction capacity and the system of management of this enterprise, journey has been durable for the past 5 years. Mr. Vo Tien Dat said, “Since 2014, when the enterprise sets up the overall development vision of the enterprise to become a company capable of alliances and international integration, the enterprise has planned for setting up an advanced management system according to international standards on technology foundation.”

Not only that, recently, this brand has also been named in the top 3 in the contractor category of the year, within the framework of Ashui Award, a prestigious award in the field of construction. The award is evaluated based on many comprehensive criteria such as: Prestige, Ability to cooperate and associate with partners; Professionally implementing projects within budget and on time. Previously, Ecoba has also received the APEA Asia - Excellent Asian Enterprise Award. A series of recent awards are the clearest proof of the competence and reputation of the contractor Ecoba recognized and appreciated by the community.




And the way to the top 10

Among enterprises in the construction industry, Ecoba is known to be a pioneer in the application of advanced technology standards to the management systems to improve construction performance, cost savings and the progress assurance of the project. A series of big projects of reputable employers such as Vimefulland (Iris Garden, The Emerald, Vihajico (Ecopark project), Vingroup, Flamingo ... constructed by Ecoba are all completed with impressive achievements in the cost savings and over the schedule.


Sharing about upcoming business development goals, Ms. Le Thi Quynh Hoa, Deputy General Director of Ecoba, said that in the next 5 years, the enterprise will continue to maintain the growth rate of 20-30%, besides improve the customer satisfaction, maintain the proportion of traditional customers accounting for 70%, the goals of team development and corporate culture will also be a priority in the upcoming period of Ecoba.


In 2019, it is predicted that the construction and real estate market will continue to prosper when the social investment capital will continue to develop strongly. In that context, the achievements of 2018 help Ecoba be more optimistic and more confident with the goals set forth, according to the leader of Ecoba, it will be the top 10 leading companies in construction in Vietnam in 2020. On the road to Ecoba's top 10, the enterprise still has a lot of work to do, but the important thing is that it has acquired strong foundations for nearly a decade of development.